Our Services

Steel Supply

At ARC Metalcraft we hold large quantities of steel in various sizes. We maintain a regular flow of stock, which means we can quickly supply the steel you need and arrange collection or delivery.

we can secure great prices

As an established business, we can secure great prices through our suppliers and order steel of any size with a quick turnaround. We are able to cut, drill, modify or paint the steel, if you are unsure of what you are after our team at ARC can advise you to make the right product choice.


Hot Dip Galvanizing has long been seen as the most environmentally-friendly finishing process available to prevent corrosion. ARC Metalcraft can get your steel Galvanized even when it has been Galvanized previously.

Galvanizing offers:

  • Durability – a permanently bonded tough coating
  • Hygienic – easy to clean surface
  • Long Life – Up to 50 years+ maintenance free
  • Economic – lowest overall cost compared to other coatings


Most metal components are suitable for powder coating. At ARC we can get your steel powder coated to give an attractive finish.

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • Great Decorative finish
  • Variety of Colours available
  • Swift Turnaround
  • Environmentally friendly process (no solvents used)
  • Thin, hard, long lasting coating
  • Excellent corrosion resistance


Shot Blast Cleaning/Grit Blast or sometimes know as shot blasting is used for cleaning any metal surface as to be free from rust, grease and paint, usually in preparation for Powder Coating or Galvanizing. We can provide this service as part of the restoration process for your steel work so long as the surface is in a good enough condition.

used for cleaning any metal surface

Shot blasting ensures the proper removal of previous paint coatings, rust, and any grease to make the metal surface completely bare. Galvanizing or powder coating on any surface other than bare is never durable.

Repair and Restoration

From big restoration projects to small repair jobs, at ARC Metalcraft we are happy to replicate, restore or replace your existing steel work. We will try our best to match, improve or replace existing designs depending on what you need.

On-site fitter teams can visit on site to repair damaged steel work such as staircases, walkways, gates, skips, etc. They can site weld using TIG, MIG or MMA. We can replace damaged sections of structures or blend duplicated railing designs into existing panels.

Engineers Drawing

If you need an Engineers Drawing for your project work we can arrange a survey, bespoke fabrication design, and complete 2D and 3D Draughts to all relevant British Standards. Our partners have worked with us to produce thousands of structural calculation drawings and fabrication layouts.

We can cover all types of 2D and 3D mechanical, structural and civil drawings including laser profiles. All drawings are compliant with BS8888. 3D models of structural steel work will be produced using our state of the art design software, this allows easy visualisation of the structure.

ARC Metalcraft Plymouth steel railings fabricators gates

Workshop Machinery

At our workshop, we have access to powerful machinery you would find for the steel fabrication industry.

Machinery such as:

  • 10mm Guillotine
  • Brake Press
  • 50 Ton Hydraulic Punch
  • Tube Bender

These machines are available for use by our trained staff to complete any jobs you may have trouble doing otherwise.

Product Manufacture

ARC Metalcraft has the staff, facilities and ability to manufacture mass production fabrications within a short space of time.

large quantities

If there is anything you need produced in large quantities, we can arrange for our production focus to shift to suit your timescales. We consider ourselves a company who can adapt rapidly to face large quantity fabrication tasks and produce a quality product.